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Automatic wafer biscuit equipment-Wafer Cooling Tower

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Product description

Wafer Cooling Tower


Cooling the cream sandwich to make it strong enough for cutting and packing,cooling the wafer to ensure a clean cut.

The capacity of the wafer cooler depends on the performance of the equipment and the cooling time required for the product. The cooling time can be set between 15 and 25 minutes depending on the product. The room temperature is adjustable between 13-15ºC and the wafer is placed on the carrier of the conveyor and is cooled during passing through the cooling tower.

The main conveyor chain is stepped, the import and export of two conveyor,one to enter,one to output,allowing the wafer to enter and exit without defects
,wafer cooling tower can be automatically emptied in the production period.The observation window inside the door is used to monitor the product.

Type and specifications:

A.Three layers wafer cooling tower:
Size:3130*1200*2700,Power:1.11Kw(Main force 0.75kw, input frame 0.18kw, output frame 0.18kw),Effective cooling number: 65;

B.Four layers wafer cooling tower:
Size:3130*1200*3600,Power:1.11Kw(Main force 0.75kw, input frame 0.18kw, output frame 0.18kw),Effective cooling number: 112;

C.Five layers wafer cooling tower:
Size:3130*1200*4500,Power:1.11Kw(Main force 0.75kw, input frame 0.18kw, output frame 0.18kw),Effective cooling number: 160;

* Freezer is for all stainless steel structure, contact the cake for the 304 stainless steel, cooler external;
* Freezer into the air with the temperature of 5 ℃, freezer relative humidity of 55%, freezer relative humidity 55%;
* 5 ℃,Freezer relative humidity 55%

Serial number Parts Power Brand
1 Power transmission 0.75Kw,380V/3Phase/50Hz SEW
2 Fan 0.25Kw,380V/3Phase/50Hz×2sets China
3 Conveyor motor 0.18Kw,380V/3Phase/50Hz×2sets SEW

(1)Size of Baking pan:470×325mm,500×350mm
 (2) Inlet temperature:6-10 ºC
 (3) Outlet temperature: 17-20 ºC
 (4) Insulation layer material: PB with high-grade steel with polyurethane foam
 (5) Pulley: Aluminum alloy
 (6) Humidity: ≤ 55%

Electrical parts:
Serial number Parts Brand
1 PLC Siemens
2 Switch Schneider
3 Photoelectric switch Sike
4 Thermal relay Schneider
5 Intermediate relay Omron
6 AC contactor Schneider

 Material Description:
The machine is mainly made of # 304 stainless steel, especially the rack, conveyor chain and all parts that will contact the product.