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Baking Oven

Item No.: 11
Dimension(L.W.H) mm:8300×1700×2260
Baking Oven


The baking oven is the most important machine in the whole wafer production line. It uses gas to heat the baking plates. It is controlled automatically
from batter depositing on the plates until the wafer sheets come out of the oven after baked. The wafer sheets are baked evenly for next procedure. And there is one manual controlling cabinet to control the oven temperature.
Main parts:
a. The machine rack is welding by carbon steel with high-temperature silver paint on the surface.
b. The baking tongs is made from HT200 gray iron, and the plates are special heat-resisting cast iron.
c. The baking oven surface is made from SUS201 stainless steel.
d. The oven is driven by postposition motor without auto-tension system.
e. The temperature is controlled manually, and the oven does’t stop when open the oven door.
f. There is one touching screen of Hakko brand from Japan.
g. The driving motor is Chinese famous brand-XINGGUANG or GUOTAI.
h. The pneumatic components are ZHICHENG or AIRTEC.
i. The running wheel bearing is Chinese famous brand-HAERBIN.
j. The pressing roller bearing is Chinese famous brand-HAERBIN.
k. The AC contactor and air switch is Chinese famous brand-CHNT.
l. The LOGO is Siemens of German brand.
m. The inverter is Panasoni of Japan brand.
n. The photocell is cylinder-shaped Sick of German brand.
o. Proximity switch is SD-105 Optex of Japan brand.

Main parameter:
  1. Gas heating, standard baking plates size: 470X325mm.
  2. The baking tongs are made from qt500, and the baking plates are special temperature-resisting cast iron.
  3. The motor power: 5.52Kw, the main motor power: 2.2Kw, 380V/50Hz, the air blower power: 2.2Kw, 380V/50Hz, the batter depositing pump motor power: 0.75Kw, 380V/50Hz.
  4. The LNG consumption(plates size:470X325mm, sheet weight: 55g)-27plates: 22m3/h..
  5. The wafer sheet capacity(plates size:470X325mm, sheet weight: 55g): 14sheets/min( 27plates/2min).
  6. Wafer sheet dimension(plates size:470X325mm, sheet weight: 55g): 464×321×2.5mm.
  7. Baking oven size and weight(plates size:470X325mm):6000×1700×2260 mm,8t