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Commercial-27(gas heating)standard from baking wafer production line

Item No.: SH-27-1
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Description Optional machines

No. Machinery Item Dimension(L.W.H) mm Power Quantity
1 Batter mixer DJ 1720×1100×1000 4.5Kw 1
2 -27 Gas Baking Oven 8300×1700×2260 5.52Kw 1
3 Wafer sheet connecting machine JP-2 1050×700×850 0.37Kw 1
4 Vertical-type wafer sheet cooler LPL 1300×700×2300 0.18Kw 1
5 Cream spreading machineTW1 3300×1200×1300 380V1.87Kw
6 Wafer Cooling Tower 3140×1160×2700 1.11KW 1
7 Incline wafer book conveyorS2 2000×750×780 0.18Kw 1
8 Cutting machineJ2 2100×1800×880 0.75Kw 1
9 Horizontal type cream mixer 1840×850×1350 5.05Kw 1
10 Smashing machine
670×660×1000 3Kw 1

1. Batter Mixer DJ
This makes the batter for the system to produce the wafers. It will transfer the batter after mixed into the storage tub, and then transfer the batter by pump when the baking oven needs.
Main part:
  1. The batter mixer and the storage tub is one unit, and the capacity is 25KG flour every time.
  2. The mixing unit is movable VANE type, and easy to clean. It can mix the 25kgs flour with water and other materials to be 65kg batter within 3minutes.
  3. The mixing tub is made from SUS201 stainless steel.
  4. The machine rack is welding by carbon steel with high-temperature silver paint.
  5. The whole body materials are SUS201 stainless steel, thickness:1.2mm.
  6. The mixing motor is XINGGUANG brand from China.
  7. The bearing is SKF of Sweden brand.
  8. The AC contactors are Schneider of German brand.
  9. The batter pump is Chinese famous brand.
Main parameter:
  1. Dimension:1720×1100×1000mm.
  2. Power: 4.5Kw, the mixing motor power is 3Kw, and the pump power is 0.75Kw×2

2. -27 Gas Baking Oven
The baking oven is the most important machine in the whole wafer production line. It uses gas to heat the baking plates. It is controlled automatically from batter depositing on the plates until the wafer sheets come out of the oven after baked. The wafer sheets are baked evenly for next procedure. And there is one manual controlling cabinet to control the oven temperature.
Main parts:
  1. The machine rack is welding by carbon steel with high-temperature silver paint on the surface.
  2. The baking tongs is made from HT200 gray iron, and the plates are special heat-resisting cast iron.
  3. The baking oven surface is made from SUS201 stainless steel.
  4. The oven is driven by postposition motor without auto-tension system.
  5. The temperature is controlled manually, and the oven doest stop when open the oven door.
  6. There is one touching screen of Hakko brand from Japan.
  7. The driving motor is Chinese famous brand-XINGGUANG or GUOTAI.
  8. The pneumatic components are ZHICHENG or AIRTEC.
  9. The running wheel bearing is Chinese famous brand-HAERBIN.
  10. The pressing roller bearing is Chinese famous brand-HAERBIN.
  11. The AC contactor and air switch is Chinese famous brand-CHNT.
  12. The LOGO is Siemens of German brand.
  13. The inverter is Panasoni of Japan brand.
  14. The photocell is cylinder-shaped Sick of German brand.
  15. Proximity switch is SD-105 Optex of Japan brand.
Main parameter:
  1. Gas heating, standard baking plates size: 470X325mm.
  2. The baking tongs are made from qt500, and the baking plates are special temperature-resisting cast iron.
  3. The motor power: 5.52Kw, the main motor power: 2.2Kw, 380V/50Hz, the air blower power: 2.2Kw, 380V/50Hz, the batter depositing pump motor power: 0.75Kw, 380V/50Hz.
  4. The LNG consumption(plates size:470X325mm, sheet weight: 55g)-27plates: 22m3/h..
  5. The wafer sheet capacity(plates size:470X325mm, sheet weight: 55g): 14sheets/min( 27plates/2min).
  6. Wafer sheet dimension(plates size:470X325mm, sheet weight: 55g): 464×321×2.5mm.
  7. Baking oven size and weight(plates size:470X325mm):6000×1700×2260 mm,8t

3. Wafer Sheet Connecting Machine  JP2
This machine conveys the baked wafer sheets to the cooer, and cleans the bubble at the same time.. Its smooth handling makes sure the hot wafer sheets that come out of the baking oven will not be damaged. All parts contacting with the food are made from SUS304 Stainless steel and food-grade PU belt..
Main parts:
  1. The rack is made from SUS201 stainless steel and incline type.
  2. The wheel is five-star type and the former driven roller is at the same speed as the baking oven but reversing rotation.
  3. There are two rows of brush cleaners to clean the bubble.
  4. The round belt will convey the wafer sheet.
  5. The parts contacting the food are made from SUS304 stainless steel and food-grade PU belt.
  6. This machine is connected with the LP2 incline wafer sheet cooler.
  7. The motor is Chinese famous brand-XINGGUANG.
  8. The bearing is Chinese famous brand of LK.
Main parameter:
1. Dimension: 1050×700×850.
2. Power: 0.37Kw.

4. LPL- Vertical Wafer Sheet Cooler
This machine raises the wafer sheets to have an effect of natural cooling. This machine relieves heat stress applied on the wafer sheet during baking process. Unless the sheets are cooled smoothly, it tends to break even for a small impact during further processing of the wafers due to heat stress. This machine is also called stress-reliving machine. The cooler length can be improved according to the customers requirement.
Main parts:
  1. The rack is welding by SUS201 stainless steel.
  2. The stainless steel is 1.2mm SUS201.
  3. The chain is stainless steel.
  4. The parts contacting the food are made from SUS304 stainless steel.
  5. This machine is used to connect the former connecting machine and the later cream spreading machine.
  6. The motor is Chinese famous brand-XINGGUANG.
  7. The bearing is Chinese famous brand of TR.
Main parameter:
  a. Dimension: 1300×700×2300mm
  b. Power: 0.18Kw.
  c. Effective cooler holder quantity: 42pcs.
  d. The conveying chain is 08B bipatch stainless steel, and the sheet distance is 50mm.
  1. TW1-Cream Spreading Machine
This machine is an important machine in the wafer line that determines the number of wafer sheets and cream layers required by the manufacturer. This machine has the following functions: to spread cream layer onto the pre-cooled wafer sheets evenly, to make the book of wafers sheets with different layers of cream and sheets, and then press the wafer sheets and cream layers together slightly. The numbers of cream layers and wafer layers can be adjusted as required as 2/3/4,3/4/5,5/6/7. The machine will count them automatically according to the adjustment. There is one device to control temperature automatically and constantly on the roller of filler. The layer thickness can be adjustable, too.
Main parts:
  1. The rack is the structure of 180# galvanized channel steel with SUS201 stainless steel cover.
  2. The creaming head is composite construction, easy to disassemble and assemble, and clean.
  3. The stacking device is ping-pong type driven by cylinder, and the stacking layers are 2-5.
  4. The pressing device is double-rolling type.
  5. There is one blocking system when the stacking has problem.
  6. The parts contacting the food are made from SUS304 stainless steel and food-grade PU belt.
  7. There is no cylinder to press for spreading head, and only one cylinder to rise and fall the spreading belt.
  8. The spreading belt is pattern PVC belt without ejecting or hot wind device.
  9. The electric cabinet is random installed, and controlled by LOGO without touching screen.
Main parameter:
  1. Dimension:3300×1200×1300mm.
  2. Motor power: 1.87Kw, spreading motor power: 0.75Kw, 380V/50Hz, spreading roller motor power: 0.75Kw, 380V/50Hz, pressing motor power: 0.37Kw, 380V/50Hz.
  3. Heating power:1.5Kw, 220V/50Hz, spreading roller power: 0.5Kw×2, spreading hopper: 0.25Kw×

6. S2-Incline cutting conveyor
This machine is used to convey the pressed wafer book into the cutting machine.
Main parts:
  1. The rack is made from SUS201 channel stainless steel with silver painting.
  2. There is round belt to convey the wafer book.
  1. The parts contacting the food are made from SUS304 stainless steel and food-grade PU belt.
  1. The motor is Chinese famous brand-XINGGUANG.
  2. The bearing with the holder is Chinese famous brand-LK.
  3. The pneumatic component is Chinese famous brand-ZHICHENG.
  4. The AC contactor is Chinese famous brand-CHNT.
  5. There is one wafer book connecting holder.
  6. The machine is connected with J2 wire-type cutting machine.
Main parameter:
  1. Dimension:2000×750×(780-1100mm, weight: 80Kg
  2. Power: 0.18Kw.
7. J2 Cutting Machine
This machine is used for cutting the wafer book filled with cream.  This machine is mechanically (not handled so that it can be adjusted softly through the machine. The direction changing to have longitudinal and cross can be done automatically. The parts contacting the food is made from SUS201 stainless steel.
Main parts:
  1. The wafers after cut are out from the length side-470mm.
  2. The rack is carbon steel with SUS201 stainless steel. All the parts contacting the food are made from SUS304 stainless steel.
  3. The motor is driven by chain, and operate ping-pong. The chain drives the pusher work to finish the cutting. And all the trimmings will be collected automatically.
  4. There are enclosed visible safety covers which can be opened and closed quickly.
  5. The motor is Chinese famous brand-XINGGUANG.
  6. The bearing with holder is Chinese famous brand-LK.
  7. The AC contactor is Chinese famous brand-CHNT.
Main parameter
  1. Dimension:2100×1800×880mm, weight: 300kgs
  2. Power:0.75Kw.
  3. The cutting is made by steel blade or φ0.5mm steel wire. The steel blade of 0.3mm can cut the wafer book smoothly without damage. 

8. Horizonal Cream Mixer 
This is a SUS201 stainless steel mixer to prepare the cream for the production. It consists of a beater- type mixing unit. It is driven by one 4.5 Kw motor and the turnover system that removes the cream from the mixer is driven by one 0.55Kw motor. The mixing time is depending on the cream composition.
Main Parts:
  1. There are two mixing propellers which are working in different directions.
  2. The mixing tub is made from SUS201 stainless steel with double-layer heat-preservation jacket.
  3. The mixing propellers are made from 2C13SUS201 stainless steel.
  4. The rack is carbon steel with SUS201 stainless steel cover.
  5. The mixing tub capacity is 250L, and each time put 30kgs solid palm oil and 40kgs powder sugar.
  6. The motor is Chinese famous brand-GUOTAI.
  7. The bearing is SKF of Sweden brand.
  8. The AC contactor is Chinese famous brand-CHNT.
Main parameter:
  1. Dimension:1840×850×1350mm, weight: 1000kgs.
  2. Power:5.05Kw, mixing motor power: 4.5Kw, turnover motor power: 0.55Kw.
  3. The two mixing speeds are 1400r/min and 700r/min. 

9. F-Smashing Machine
In the wafer line, there are some trimming and wastage from the cutting process that needs to be reused in order to minimize the overall wastage of wafer baking system that is about 2%. This equipment is used to grind the discarded wafer in to a reusable form. The ground material can be used as additive cream depending on the requirement. The smashing or grinding machine is constructed out of SUS201 Stainless Steel material to maintain hygiene of the reusable products. The grinding system is driven by a 3Kw China motor to have high power and efficiency.
1. Vertical Cooling Tower
The cooling tower is mainly used for cooling down the cream filled wafer, which makes the wafer better and hard enough for cutting and packing. The capacity and feature are connected with the required cooling time for wafer books, and the cooling time can be set depending on different biscuit. The wafer books are placed on the holders. The main conveying belt is stepped with 2 conveying machines. It is available to put in and put out for the non-defective wafer, and it can self-clean up after ending production.
Main parts:
a. The whole cooling tower is made from stainless steel, and the parts contacting the food are SUS304 stainless steel. The cold blower is one extra position
b. The motor is SEW of German brand.
c. The holder bearing is Chinese famous brand-TR.
d. The AC contactor is Schneider of German brand.
e. The PLC is Siemens S7-200 or Mitsubishi FX-1N.
f. The inverter is Danfoss or Panasoni.
g. The touching screen is Smark line 700 or Hakko.
h. The photocell is Sick of Cylinder-shaped.
i. Approach switch: Optex SD-105.
Main parameter:
a. Dimension: 3130X1200X3660mm.
b. Power: 1.11Kw, main motor power: 0.75Kw, conveyor motor power: 0.18KwX2
c. Effective wafer book holders: 112books.
d. The input cold air temperature: 5, and the relative humidity is 55%.

1-1. Cold blower/Refrigeration system
It is for the necessary cooling. Its feature is designed on the capacity, filling, weight and the climate condition installed place. The refrigeration system adopt Freon R22 as refrigerant,.
Main parts:
  1. Compressor: Copeland of America brand.
  2. Temperature controlling: microcomputer digital type temperature controller.
  3. Protection: Overload protection, high/low protection, start protection, shutdown Protection.
  4. The electrical components are SCHENEIDER.
e.  The frame is coated board with PU heat-preservation.
Main parameter:
  1. Dimension: 2200X1100X1800mm.
  2. There are two 5HP compressors.
  3. The power of the centrifugal fan is 1.5Kw/380V/50Hz.
  4. The temperature range is 05℃.
  5. The temperature controlling precision:±1.
  6. There is one set of evaporator.
  7. There is one set of condenser.
2. Automatic Weighting and Water Control System
The equipment consists of  the system with flour feeding automaticaly and weight and discharged and the system with water controled automaticaly, the first system include flour storage tank(stainless steel),flour pump((stainless steel or EP material),electrical weigh,flour discharger,the latter consists of water flow counter.The whole equipment is controled by PLC.
Convey pump: 0.75Kw 380V/3Phase  50Hz
Discharge oscillator0.75Kw 380V/3 Phase 50Hz
3.Plating hard chrome on the surface of the plates
The plating is specially used to produce the wafer of special recipe, which can protect wafer from pollution and cauterization.

4.Centrifugal fan

5. Aluminum belt roller for the whole line