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Cream spreading machineTW1

Item No.: 14
Power:380V1.87Kw  220V1.5Kw
This machine is an important machine in the wafer line that determines the number of wafer sheets and cream layers required by the manufacturer. This machine has the following functions: to spread cream layer onto the pre-cooled wafer sheets evenly, to make the book of wafers sheets with different layers of cream and sheets, and then press the wafer sheets and cream layers together slightly. The numbers of cream layers and wafer layers can be adjusted as required as 2/3/4,3/4/5,5/6/7. The machine will count them automatically according to the adjustment. There is one device to control temperature automatically and constantly on the roller of filler. The layer thickness can be adjustable, too.
Main parts:
  1. The rack is the structure of 180# galvanized channel steel with SUS201 stainless steel cover.
  2. The creaming head is composite construction, easy to disassemble and assemble, and clean.
  3. The stacking device is ping-pong type driven by cylinder, and the stacking layers are 2-5.
  4. The pressing device is double-rolling type.
  5. There is one blocking system when the stacking has problem.
  6. The parts contacting the food are made from SUS304 stainless steel and food-grade PU belt.
  7. There is no cylinder to press for spreading head, and only one cylinder to rise and fall the spreading belt.
  8. The spreading belt is pattern PVC belt without ejecting or hot wind device.
  9. The electric cabinet is random installed, and controlled by LOGO without touching screen.
Main parameter:
  1. Dimension:3300×1200×1300mm.
  2. Motor power: 1.87Kw, spreading motor power: 0.75Kw, 380V/50Hz, spreading roller motor power: 0.75Kw, 380V/50Hz, pressing motor power: 0.37Kw, 380V/50Hz.
Heating power:1.5Kw, 220V/50Hz, spreading roller power: 0.5Kw×2, spreading hopper: 0.25Kw×2