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Cutting machineJ2

Item No.: 17
Dimension(L.W.H) mm:2100×1800×880
This machine is used for cutting the wafer book filled with cream.  This machine is mechanically (not handled so that it can be adjusted softly through the machine. The direction changing to have longitudinal and cross can be done automatically. The parts contacting the food is made from SUS201 stainless steel.
Main parts:
  1. The wafers after cut are out from the length side-470mm.
  2. The rack is carbon steel with SUS201 stainless steel. All the parts contacting the food are made from SUS304 stainless steel.
  3. The motor is driven by chain, and operate ping-pong. The chain drives the pusher work to finish the cutting. And all the trimmings will be collected automatically.
  4. There are enclosed visible safety covers which can be opened and closed quickly.
  5. The motor is Chinese famous brand-XINGGUANG.
  6. The bearing with holder is Chinese famous brand-LK.
  7. The AC contactor is Chinese famous brand-CHNT.
Main parameter
  1. Dimension:2100×1800×880mm, weight: 300kgs
  2. Power:0.75Kw.
  3. The cutting is made by steel blade or φ0.5mm steel wire. The steel blade of 0.3mm can cut the wafer book smoothly without damage.