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Horizontal type cream mixer

Item No.: 18
Dimension(L.W.H) mm:1840×850×1350
This is a SUS201 stainless steel mixer to prepare the cream for the production. It consists of a beater- type mixing unit. It is driven by one 4.5 Kw motor and the turnover system that removes the cream from the mixer is driven by one 0.55Kw motor. The mixing time is depending on the cream composition.
Main Parts:
  1. There are two mixing propellers which are working in different directions.
  2. The mixing tub is made from SUS201 stainless steel with double-layer heat-preservation jacket.
  3. The mixing propellers are made from 2C13SUS201 stainless steel.
  4. The rack is carbon steel with SUS201 stainless steel cover.
  5. The mixing tub capacity is 250L, and each time put 30kgs solid palm oil and 40kgs powder sugar.
  6. The motor is Chinese famous brand-GUOTAI.
  7. The bearing is SKF of Sweden brand.
  8. The AC contactor is Chinese famous brand-CHNT.
Main parameter:
  1. Dimension:1840×850×1350mm, weight: 1000kgs.
  2. Power:5.05Kw, mixing motor power: 4.5Kw, turnover motor power: 0.55Kw.
  3. The two mixing speeds are 1400r/min and 700r/min.