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Incline wafer book conveyorS2

Item No.: 16
Dimension(L.W.H) mm:2000×750×780
This machine is used to convey the pressed wafer book into the cutting machine.
Main parts:
  1. The rack is made from SUS201 channel stainless steel with silver painting.
  2. There is round belt to convey the wafer book.
  1. The parts contacting the food are made from SUS304 stainless steel and food-grade PU belt.
  1. The motor is Chinese famous brand-XINGGUANG.
  2. The bearing with the holder is Chinese famous brand-LK.
  3. The pneumatic component is Chinese famous brand-ZHICHENG.
  4. The AC contactor is Chinese famous brand-CHNT.
  5. There is one wafer book connecting holder.
  6. The machine is connected with J2 wire-type cutting machine.
Main parameter:
  1. Dimension:2000×750×(780-1100mm, weight: 80Kg
  2. Power: 0.18Kw.