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Waffle is a very delicious snack. Our company specializes in manufacturing food machinery. One of them is the waffle production line.
When you go to school abroad, you can always see that there are many foreigners in Chinese restaurants.

Back home also found that many people like to eat Chinese food.

Do foreigners really like Chinese food?

So what is the experience of eating Ch
SH Series Biscuit Production line is the primary choice for the production of kinds of hard and soft biscuit. The biscuit plant equipments can be combined and displayed according to customer’s local space or biscuit technical requirement. By changing the
This kind of tunnel oven has gas and electric type.This tunnel oven is composed of oven tunnel, mesh belt , belt driving system, chimney, electric heating pipes and control cabinet.
It is used to produce all kinds of hard biscuit, soft biscuit and soda biscuit.
Shenghua Group Hebei Saiheng Food Processing Equipment Co.,Ltd is an industrial company with rich experience, specializing in the manufacturing of various types of food machine. The company’s main products: biscuit production line,wafer production line,ba
The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, usually in February or March in the Gregorian calendar. As early as the Western Han Dynasty (206 BCAD 25), it had become a festival with great significance. 
A New Year
A good year is determined by its spring.
In Nanjing, a congee store located in Zhujiang Road received two orders. One customer spent 458 yuan ordering 50 red heart yam congee, specially note: "Be sure to give sanitation workers snowing along the road."