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A letter to the customer

Dear Customer: Hello!

What are you doing now?

I think you already know the purpose of writing my letter.

Come to this world, for us, every day is Thanksgiving.

On the way to the growth of the company, there will always be some benefactors, and I will sincerely say to you here. Thank you!

thank you for your trust!

We, because of the thousands of mountains and waters, have made our trust very precious!

We started to know each other from a small enquiry, and one letter came back, and trust was established. I know your company, you know my equipment and strength, then you decide to visit the factory, and finally you decide to buy our company's equipment.

This is the beauty we have written together. We are not only the relationship between Party A and Party B, we are friends.

Thank you to everyone who trusts us! Thanks to those who are far away from home, who are willing to trust us across the screen!

By Hebei Saiheng Food Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.