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After-sale services for customers buy biscuit production line

We are Hebei Saiheng Food Processing Equipment Co., Ltd.

We are Hebei Saiheng Food Processing Equipment Co., Ltd. As a manufacturer of biscuit production line and wafer biscuit production line, we deeply know the customer's concern about after-sales service.

Engineers available to service machinery overseas in our company.

Our machine is guaranteed for one year, during this time,the maintenance fee is free.

Not only that, before buying the machine, we will invite customers to visit our factory. For those with strong interests, we can also test the machine on the spot and watch the process of producing biscuits on the spot. You can also try the biscuits made by our machines! Really delicious!

Besides, the output, energy source and machine configuration are all customizable! There are three energy sources: electricity, gas and fuel. The output is at least 80 kilograms an hour. The electrical configuration is divided into domestic configuration and foreign configuration.

Let me talk about it today, we will see you next time!