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Negotiation is the exchange of heart and heart

A TV drama "Negotiation Officer" that was broadcasted a while ago, a paragraph of Tong Wei was widely circulated

The original words are:

"Negotiation is not a tit for tat, it is the exchange of heart and heart. At the negotiating table, it seems that the two sides are opposite, but everyone is standing on the same boat and has a common goal. If both sides regard each other as an enemy, refuse to give in, and are unwilling to try to understand, then the negotiations will never end, and neither side will get the results they want. Only by treating each other with sincerity, communicating with the heart, and treating each other as close comrades with common goals can create greater benefits."

I think she is right.

Everyone who wants to buy goods or sell goods is not an enemy of each other, but wants to make a deal. The first and most important point of this is trust! Under the protection of the terms of the transaction, everyone's interests will not be damaged, and each seller supports the factory inspection. Under such conditions, the buyer can fully trust the seller.

For example,if you want to buy one automatic biscuit production line,you have to go to our factory to check our company ,factory and the quality of biscuit line,even you trust us,paid our money,we still want you come and check it out.

Second is the integrity, buyers and sellers must have an honest heart, in order to finally reach a deal